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Facts in España:

Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Europe. In Spain alone dies between 35,000 and 45,000 annually, according to information from the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC). In addition, the survival from cardiac arrest in Spain is about between 2-4%, while in most of the rest of Europe and Scandinavia, overall, it it is more than 14%. This difference is a direct result of the massive introduction of semi-automatic defibrillators (AED) in public spaces.


In Central and Northern Europe more than 60% survive a cardiac arrest in public spaces. This is a fantastic result, that we by constant efforts can do even better.


It looks much more serious in the private homes, where only less than 5% survives a cardiac arrest. In Spain there are no statistics on the difference between public and private space. There is no doubt that the survival of a cardiac arrest in the private room in Spain unfortunately is very low.


It can be done so much better through simple education, that anyone can learn in a few hours and of course by using more defibrillators. Outside the cities, neighbors can get together to install a defibrillator and make an alarm plan, so everyone feels confident to take action when the accident occurs.


The most crucial factor is the time, a person with cardiac arrest die by 10% per minute! So it is quite simple to figure out, that after 10 minutes the situation will become very critical. By means of quite simple cardiopulmonary resuscitation defers to the critical time and by means of a defibrillator affixed within the end of the four minutes, more than 60% of the people survive suffering from cardiac arrest.


A different question is "How do you survive?" Are you lucky to survive without first aid and defibrillator you maybe wake up to a completely different life. A brain that have not been supplied with enough oxygen-rich blood is a brain which can be permanently damaged and it can lead to many complications.

Give yourself and your loved ones the huge benefit learning first aid and how to use of a defibrillator.



Director i Safetygroup - España Lars Aarup BLS/AED instructor


- I am a dedicated sportsman

- I am passionate about raising the survival rate of cardiac arrest in Spain

- I am 100% dedicated to my teaching

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